Stefan Karl Does “We Are Number One” Live



You might have seen a rather popular song spring up on YouTube the past several weeks. “We Are Number One,” a little diddy performed by the nefarious Robbie Rotten from LazyTown was on television over eight years ago. But that hasn’t stopped it from relevancy!

So what’s the ding-dang deal? Well, in order to support such an animated, talented actor like Karl Stefan, the man playing Robbie Rotten, people needed to get him more attention. You see, Mr. Karl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and while he’s gone through treatments successfully, he still has to deal with medical bills.

Thus brings all the videos of “We Are Number One.” Entertaining as all hell, they’ve been used to raise awareness for his gofundme. A great deal of people have already helped out this amazing actor, and as a show thanks, the lovely man went ahead and performed the song in real life!

It’s beautiful, simply put.

While you’re enjoying that, you can check out his gofundme here:


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