Electors Call for Investigation Into Russian Hacking

Electors are currently demanding CIA findings be released before a major decision is reached.

In seven days, the faithless electors will vote for or against president-elect Donald Trump. During this time, troubling information has come to light over Russian interference in the democratic election process.

Those in favor of the CIA’s findings believe Russia worked towards a Donald Trump presidency.

If this is true, the foundation of the United States’ election process has been compromised, whereby a foreign agent was able to heavily influence its outcome. Such matters are incredibly troubling.

Proponents of the information release are the likes of John McCain and even Mitch McConnell.

It is unclear whether or not the general public will receive information regarding the CIA findings. As a clandestine organization, the CIA is meant to pass its findings only among approved officials and agents. It’s for this reason, there may not be a reveal of their discovery.

However, it’s critical this data indeed be made available to the faithless electors. One of the heaviest decisions in modern history weighs on them, and for that reason alone should they have access to these Russian hacks.


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