China Reacts to Trump’s Taiwan Contact with Bomber



Recently, Donald Trump came under fire for making an indiscriminate call to Taiwan. The call caused alarm amongst China’s government, who does not recognize Taiwan as a nation. Trump’s call to Taiwan posed to violate their “One-China” policy, which views Taiwan as a rogue agent.

Such foreign relation blunders can have severe consequences. It now appears China is flexing its position to warn Trump against any future ties with Taiwan.

The nation flew a nuclear-capable bomber outside of its national borders. This occurred on Thursday, near the South China Sea, past the “nine-dash line” area of dispute. Not for 18 months has the H-6, the bomber in question, been flown outside of China’s borders, particularly at the noted distance.

This is a clear warning sign from China to not discount its “One China policy.” The United States has agreed to this since the 1970’s, in which it agrees not to recognize Taiwan as its own Sovereign nation.

The role of the president is to represent their country on the global state. Adherence to foreign affairs is a paramount duty which requires tact and careful planning. Trump’s grievous blunder drew criticism from his numerous dissenters here in the United States. But, it’s also clear these actions will not stand among foreign powers. China is here to remind him of this.


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