Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Has Ties to Russia

Recent news has come to light over Donald Trump’s election process. It was recently discovered Russian hacker agents colluded with wikileaks and compromised the security of the DNC and RNC.

The CIA has concluded Russia intervened during the election cycle. Information released was designed to heavily favor Trump.

The integrity of his administrative picks has come under question. Especially so considering his recent Secretary of State pick has ties to Russia. Exxon CEO Tillerson is set to sit among the numerous wealthy elites currently chosen for Trump’s cabinet.

Additionally, Tillerson is no stranger to pro-Russian relations. If this is the case, the positive ties combined with the Kremlin’s interference in our electoral process raises serious concerns.

While the DNC was notably hit over the election cycle with email leaks, it’s reported the RNC was compromised as well. However, no information has yet to be revealed. Though, the dangerous reality might be Russian authorities have blackmailed the GOP.

With Tillerson’s positive relationship with Putin and the CIA’s recent findings, the integrity of the current president-elect is questionable, to say the least.


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